Magazine 373 69 Issue

Magazine 373 69 Issue

Spring/Summer 2014

160,00 euros


Thirty-seven years after its last issue, 
Holiday returns through the creative direction 
of l'Atelier Franck Durand and Marc Beaugé.
In search of the spirit of 69, this French resurrection 
stays faithful to the original style of the magazine.
Photographers Josh Olins, Karim Sadli 
and Mark Peckmezian seek to revive its visual 
legacy, novelist Arthur Dreyfus explores the 
secrets of Ibiza, Inez and Vinoodh allow a rare 
glimpse into their New York loft, and in honor 
of the 373rd issue, artist REMED creates a cover 
as graphic and powerful as its predecessors. 

The cover of the 69 issue is a chosen fragment of Remed's painting Leonogone, photographed 
by Matthieu Salvaing.

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