Magazine 380 Denmark

Magazine 380 Denmark

Autumn/Winter 2017/2018

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After a foray into California, Holiday Magazine heads north to Denmark. Mario Testino explores the enigmatic appeal of Scandinavian beauty; Inez and Vinoodh photograph a pastoral reverie and Olivier Kervern a handful of local high spots, while Edie Campbell faces Daragh Soden's lens on the most Danish island of them all. Also on these pages: images by Gregory Harris, Collier Schorr, Lachlan Bailey, Philippe Lacombe and Suffo Moncloa.

On the writing front, novelist Tanguy Viel pens his impressions of a trip to Copenhagen and Elsinore; Philippe Azoury reminisces about the birth of Dogme 95; François Blet talks TV and cooking with Adam Price, the writer of Borgen; Alice Cavanagh and Jéromine Savignon resuscitate Karen Blixen and Gunnar Larsen, Paul-Henry Bizon describes the beauty of the Louisiana museum, and Nicolas Zeisler tells the story of Lego. Last but not least, Arthur Dreyfus gets into conversation with Anna Karina, the patron saint of a Holiday so infused with hygge that it gives a whole new meaning to hedonism.

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