Magazine 381 Jerusalem

Magazine 381 Jerusalem

Spring/Summer 2018

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After a journey to Denmark, Holiday Magazine heads to Israel-or, more specifically, Jerusalem. We sent the photographers Alasdair McLellan, Hill & Aubrey and Tom Johnson off to wander the millenary alleys of the thrice-holy city. Their perspectives are supplemented by images viewed through the lens of Josh Olins, Olivier Kervern, Mark Peckmezian, Philippe Lacombe-and Matthieu Salvaing, who captures the European-Ottoman allure of the American Colony hotel.

On the writing front, Thomas Chatterton Williams pens his first impressions of a city that is a world unto itself; Anthony Van Den Bossche tells the strange story of the immovable ladder at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Arthur Dreyfus investigates the mysteries of Jerusalem syndrome, and François Blet discusses history and food with the eminent historian Vincent Lemire and the chef Eyal Shani respectively. And Pamela Fiori, a contributor to the original Holiday back in the 1960s, details her memories of the golden age of a magazine that has retained its free and hedonistic ethos.

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