Magazine 385 Capri Issue

Magazine 385 Capri Issue

Spring/ Summer 2020

24,00 euros

Holiday magazine
Dreaming Capri

After a journey to Egypt, Holiday magazine heads to Italy, setting its sights on Capri and Naples. Leafing through its pages, you'll discover new places, little-known landscapes and unexpected characters amid the famous faces and iconic settings.

Photographers Bruce Weber, Robbie Lawrence, Eddie Wrey, Matthieu Salvaing, Quentin de Briey and Angelo Pennetta all deliver their visions of the myths of the Amalfi Coast, while Robi Rodriguez captures an Italian apparition, and Inez & Vinoodh focus on the joyous grace of Kendall Jenner.

On the writing front, novelist Arthur Dreyfus happily loses himself under the sun, François Simon casts an epicurean eye on the coast, Madeleine Speed asks the Neapolitans about food and endurance, Addison Nugent goes to Capri and wonders what's behind the legend, and Jéromine Savignon recalls the insular days of Rudolf Nureyev. Arthur Cerf recounts the filming of Godard's Contempt, while Carla Bruni reveals her Italian side in a journey down memory lane.

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