Magazine 386 Saint Petersburg (Cathedral)

Magazine 386 Saint Petersburg (Cathedral)

Autumn/Winter 2020-2021

28,00 euros

The Saint Petersburg Issue

After a journey to Italy Holiday magazine heads to Saint Petersburg. Photographers Jamie Hawkesworth Krisztián Éder Dmitry Markov Bruno Staub Bryan Liston and Gosha Rubchinskiydeliver their Russian visions on the spot or from afar while Olivier Kervern captures the grace of Natalia Vodianova and François Halard offers us a double journey to the immortal city of the czars and through time.

On the literary front novelist Éric Faye Grand Prix de l'Académie Française dusts off his memories of a very Soviet trip in the 1980s Cody Delistraty unravels the mystery of the enigmatic mathematician Grigori Perelman Nicolas Zeisler goes on a Fabergé Egg hunt Shellie Karabell enjoys a literary stroll down the Nevksy Prospekt and Natalia Vodianova recalls her childhood.

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